What Materials to Purchase When Floor Tiling

So you have decided to put tiles in your house. You’ve chosen the perfect tiles for that room, but you want to know what else you need. You also need to buy some different materials. Now let’s take a look at them.

The first and most important material is mortar. Remember that floor tile mortar is different from regular mortar, so don’t just buy the cheapest. Depending on what you are laying tiles and/or your subfloors, it will determine what type of mortar you should buy. If you are going to use ¾” build grade plywood, make sure you buy a mortar that will work with the plywood. Some tile mortars are specific to concrete floors and not plywood. Same thing, and vice versa, make sure you know what you need and carefully read Label.

Lay the subfloor with mesh (usually used if the floor is not very flat) and be sure to get an inexpensive squeegee mortar. Laying Schluter DITRA? You need to buy modified and unmodified mortars. Using concrete slabs? Make sure you buy the correct screws and mortar for this.

I want to add, please, please, please do not buy premixed mortar. Although some people swear, I can tell you that based on experience (at least in my house and not at work), these things are not suitable for floor tiles. There are several reasons for this: Drying takes a long time, sometimes up to a week. When water comes into contact, it returns to its original “slimy” shape (if you need a solid floor, that’s no good). For these and other reasons, I strongly advise against using this product on the floor.

For example, before you go to your hardware store, you also notice that the floor is not as flat as it should be. To solve this problem you need a floor radiator. Read the type of purchase on the label again. When mixing and pouring these things, make sure you can pour them because you want these products to flow well. This almost guarantees that it will find the low point on the floor and level itself (again, I tried it another way – no fun).

Choosing the right joint and sealant is another important part of choosing the purchased material. You don’t need any of the more expensive ones, but I usually recommend choosing at least medium. If the distance between the tiles is greater than 1/8″, use sandpaper. If the distance is 1/8″ or less, or if you are laying marble or granite tiles, do not use sandpaper. By the way, make sure that the distance between marble and granite is a maximum of 1/8″, and 1/16″ is recommended.

If you are laying down the plywood subfloor in addition to these important materials, don’t forget to buy screws, if you want to use grilles, don’t forget to buy roofing nails (or you can use a pneumatic nail gun). It is generally recommended to purchase and use tile gaskets. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your tile project!

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Benefits of Floor Tiles

Are you looking for alternatives to carpet or wood floors in your home or office? Then it is worth looking at the floor tiles. Many people now want to buy floor tiles for their homes instead of traditional flooring options such as carpets, as floor tiles are usually more durable and can immediately make beautiful changes to the interior design of any room in your home.

Floor tiles not only give your room an instant look and feel, but they are also usually cheaper than other flooring methods and they are also very easy to install. If you opt for a tiled floor, the list of possibilities in terms of appearance is almost endless. This is because there are many different styles, colors, patterns and sizes to choose from, so whether you are looking for something unique to make your home stand out, or just want something stylish, you can easily find it.

There are many reasons why homeowners and those renovating their properties choose to install floors in their homes. Some of them include the fact that they are very durable. The reason is that they are usually made of hardwearing materials (such as ceramics) or even luxurious materials such as marble. These materials are not as easily scratched as other materials (such as wood) and will not stain if something cracks like a carpet.

The floor tiles are also very comfortable. This is actually a common misconception because many people think that tiles are too hard; however, they are excellent at ensuring your floor level and actually give a relaxed feeling of solidity.

When you choose floor tiles, you will also find that they are waterproof. This is a very useful quality because your tiles won’t get damaged or leave marks if water gets on them, which is different from other floor types such as carpets, which can get damaged when wet.

Since floor tiles are waterproof, they are also very easy to clean, which is another advantage of using floor tiles. You can quickly clean the floor tiles with a sweeping brush to remove any dust or dirt, or you can choose to use a traditional vacuum cleaner for a faster clean. To further clean your tiles, you can quickly mop the floor with warm water and floor cleaner to give your floor an instant shine.


For those who want a flooring choice other than wood or carpet, tile flooring has become a popular choice for many reasons. Not only are they available in many different styles and colors, they are also easy to clean and usually have lower installation costs than traditional flooring options.

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