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What is unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money is any money that belongs to you but has not been claimed yet. It can derive from governmental departments, gift certificates, travel vouchers, dormant accounts in bank, insurance claims, refunds, security bonds payment etc.

How does it work?

AUMRA searches records from a number of sources and further combines them into a professional searching database. The goal is to ease the process of searching your money from only one location.
Our team has spent a great deal of hours to compile unclaimed money databases that includes from purchasing unclaimed money data to collecting historical gazettes and listings.

What is searched?

Unclaimed Money Search is conducted all across Australia searching for ALL amounts of money that could be owing to you.

We search:
* Your name and variations of your name.
* Your address and all other last known addresses
* Any other information provided in your membership form

What is AUMRA?

AUMRA is a registered business name for ‘SS Synergy Ventures PTY. LTD.’, that provides a platform to helps its members in searching what treasure may be under their name.

How do I become a member?

The ‘membership’ section explains how to become a member. The application form can be read and filled to complete the process.

How much does AUMRA charge?

Becoming a Memberhas been kept FREE OF CHARGE for certain time period.

If the sum of money found by AUMRA is less than $401, AUMRA will provide the search results FREE OF ANY CHARGE! & all the details of found money will be revealed to the member at absolute No Cost!

In case where sum of money found by AUMRA is greater than $400, AUMRA will confirm the member that money has been found on with amount greater than $400 and will offer following options to be chosen from:

1- Reveal the Money Details

AUMRA will reveal details of your money (amount, source & location of fund) at a service fee of $79 only.

2- Get the Money Recovered

AUMRA will recover your money from relevant department & will charge 18% fee on the recovered amountonly, to be paid on successfully recovered amount. No Recovery, No Fee!

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Members do not have to worry about their lost money. AUMRA will notify them as and when any funds are found in their name.

What does the search entail?

The search entails the following:
* Residential Tenancies Bonds – for every state
* Fairwork – Unpaid Wages
* Old Gazetted Unclaimed Money dating back to the 1900’s
* Unclaimed Superannuation
* Public Trustees
* Closed or Claimed Unclaimed Money
* Government departments
* Shares/Dividends – from Lost Members Registers
* ATO – Super Seeker Search – We will lodge your search with a dedicated staff at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to conduct a super search.
All of the above includes:
* Business Insurance
* Investments
* Stale Cheques
* Refunds
* Department of Housing Refunds
* Mortgage Insurance
* Council Deposits
* Deposits
* Liquidation
* Proceeds from Auctions
* Life Insurance
* Overpayments
* Bank Accounts unclaimed
* Monies held in Trust
* Trust Money

Who should use this search?

* You should use this search if you have worked in Australia anytime from1992 and changed jobs, left the country or changed address and have lost track of your super funds or your super funds have lost track of you.

* You should also use this search if you are an Australian currently living overseas. From July 1, 2002 you can cash in your Superannuation if you are a non-resident, intent on leaving Australia and have been working here on a visa.