Tips for Buying the Right Floor Tiles for Your Home

Buying floor tiles may seem simple. Just browsing the “floor tiles” category of local tile sites or simply asking offline sellers to show you their best-selling tiles isn’t enough. If you really want to have suitable floor tiles in terms of aesthetics and durability, there are many things to consider, we will introduce them below.

Light color

First you need to determine the right color scheme for your floor. If your room is small and dark, light-colored tiles are the best choice. If your room is large, you can choose dark tones, such as gray or wood-colored tiles.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

If you’re eager to try the latest colors and designs, don’t be put off by colors that contrast with the size of the room. You can always install the tiles you need in a room first and then see how it works before you plan on redoing the whole house.

never give up

People should think of ceramic tile as an investment, not an actual cost, which in the latter case may lead some people to choose cheaper, lower quality tiles. If you think tiles are expensive but you do need them, shop around and there will always be cheap sellers willing to offer you discounts.

Always plan ahead

When buying floor tiles it is strongly recommended that you add a surcharge of 5-10% more than the actual number of tiles needed. This allows you to compensate for breakage and cutting problems. In addition, there are a few tiles, in case you see one of the tiles crack in the future or the stonemason made a mistake. In addition, many companies offer refunds for unused tiles.

Always integrated in the joint line

The color of your tile grout should complement the tiles you buy so they can blend in.

Bigger isn’t always a better choice

If you think the floor will require a lot of tile cuts around fittings and fixtures, make sure you choose smaller tiles to ensure minimal cuts.

Use embellishments and borders

You have to add some extra lessons by breaking the wall tiles and adding decorations.

Check eligibility

Always check the wear level of the floor tiles you want to buy. This is called the PEI rating and varies depending on the region in which it applies. You can also ask if the store where you bought the floor tiles from has ceramic or tile, as ceramic is great for outdoor and regular household floors where high traffic is expected.


When purchasing natural stone tiles on the market, it is important to get proper advice on how to handle and seal the tiles before and after the tiles have been installed.

Which Paving Tiles Are Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors?

Have you always wanted to turn your terrace and living room into a space? Most houses have tiles, whether they are outside or inside. Usually you buy a house that is fully tiled, and sometimes you have to retile because you may not like a house that is already there. Buying tiles for inside or outside a garden can be a daunting task.

It’s important to buy the right tiles for the first time, because you don’t want to buy new tiles every other year. You need to buy tiles that match the inside of your home and look good on the outside. Most people buy porcelain tiles for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use the same floor tiles for the patio, living room and kitchen, these spaces will also appear larger.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from. Some colors are difficult to distinguish from real natural stone tiles. Unlike natural stone, tiles absorb little or no water, which means less cleaning is required. For example, if you choose natural stone or concrete, algae will usually grow on it easily, so you have to clean the tiles more often. This does not happen with tiles and it is easy to clean because the product does not stain. There is also a slate that can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is not slippery and is easy to clean. If you often entertain people, installing these pavers is also good.

For these indoor and outdoor areas, it is best to use larger tiles as this can save you a lot of time and money. Choosing tiles shouldn’t be difficult as tile experts will help you choose the perfect tile. It is also important to use the correct tile cement and grout, which will keep the tiles in place for a long time. The color of the grout is also important because it must match the color of the tiles. Don’t forget to choose paving tiles that match your walls and certain furniture. It is wise to choose ceramic tiles that are environmentally friendly and do not require a lot of detergents to clean. Think of underfloor heating, because tiles are often cold in winter. If it’s too expensive, consider using a mat or carpet in the middle of the floor, as this can help through the cold winter too.

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