Set The Perfect Mood With Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom can be a refuge from stress and burden or everyday life; a place where you can completely relax and unwind. Therefore, it is very important to create a calming and relaxing environment in the bathroom. This can be achieved through the proper use of tiles. For example, colorful and vibrant tiles can help you wake up in the morning and prepare for the new day; soothing, soft colors will create a more peaceful environment where you can relax before going to bed at night. The combination of the two can provide the perfect setting for any occasion.

Choose the right tile type

The bathroom tiles you choose should reflect your personality, but they should also be fit for purpose, that is, they should be practical. Tiles are always a safe choice. They are non-slip and easy to clean as they are non-porous.

Another good choice of tiles for bathrooms are travertine tiles. The veneer surface maintains a consistent appearance and provides a clean design for bathroom walls and floors. Granite tiles have a high wear threshold. Thanks to the non-slip finish, the bathroom floor is completely decorated in a slate tile environment. To add a touch of elegance to the bathroom, consider using marble tiles in your floor or wall design. Glass tiles are a great way to create beautiful key pieces around tiled walls or with unique mosaic designs.

Determine the look and feel

Before the first tile is cut and placed somewhere in the bathroom, the size, shape and color of the tile must be determined. Large tiles can create a dramatic final effect in the bathroom, provided there is not much cutting involved. Small and medium sized tiles are typically used in smaller bathroom environments and areas such as sinks, toilets and windows.

Many different shapes and sizes of tiles can be purchased for any bathroom design. Common shapes include square, hexagon, rectangle, octagon, and triangle. The color you choose can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the bathroom. White or beige tiles create a spacious feeling. Warm colors create a warm and comfortable feeling, while cool colors create a calmer and more peaceful feeling.

Determine the layout

Provide a clear impression of the appearance of the bathroom. A simple but effective idea is to use a contrasting grout color with the main color of the tile. This makes each tile stand out and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, using grout that is the same color as the tiles can also produce amazing results. Only tiles of different sizes and colors should be chosen to create dramatic effects. Too many different shapes and colors can look tacky.

Mix large square tiles with smaller hexagonal tiles or change the orientation settings of the wall and floor tiles. Keep the bathroom tile design simple by adding a contrasting color accent to the main tile. Spread decorative individual tiles over the bathroom wall design.

Do not hesitate to design the bathroom of your dreams now! Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices open to you. Bathroom tiles can be found in any shape, size or color. Your options are unlimited!

If you are considering replacing old bathroom tiles and giving them a new look, this task is not only arduous but also time consuming. The easiest way is to hire professionals. However, if you choose to do it yourself, you must have the care, patience and dedication that you need. Let’s try to understand the basics of bathroom tile replacement.

If you decide to replace the entire set of tiles in the bathroom, you should first scrape off the existing tiles with a floor scraper. It is easier to do this by hitting the center of the tile with a hammer. Once you have removed the old bathroom tiles, use a tool with a beveled steel tip to properly scrape off the adhesive used to attach these tiles. You can try to soften the glue and then remove it with a knife. Then clean the entire area to remove any dirt. It is important to wear safety glasses and gloves when removing old tiles and cleaning places as they are necessary to protect your hands even dirt will fly off and damage your eyes. When scraping old bathroom tiles, pay attention to the sharp edges of the tiles.

From this point on, you will continue to repair new bathroom tiles. Loosen the setting and remove the toilet. Make sure to clean the entire floor. You can use disposable scrapers and paper towels to complete. Normally all tiles are the same size. Measure the area of ​​the bathroom and then calculate the number of tiles needed to resurface the area with new tiles. Obviously you will need to cut some tiles to fit the area close to the corners as this area will not fit the size of the tiles. When cutting tiles, be careful not to damage them. Find a good tile cutter for this job.

Once your tiles are ready, mix your thin layer and let it settle. Do not let it dry. Now carefully place the tiles on the groove you made and wipe off the excess sheet. Do not walk on the newly installed bathroom tiles for at least a day. As a result, the tiles are completely dry and ready for use.

Once the bathroom tiles are dry, it’s time to paint them. Except for the area to be drawn, cover the rest of the area with drop paper. Apply a thin tile primer to the tiles. Be careful not to apply too much. After the primer has dried, use sandpaper to smooth the surface. Remove dust particles. You can reapply the primer and smooth the area with sandpaper. Now apply gloss paint with a brush. Apply bathroom tiles evenly to keep them looking clean and complete.

Remodeling a bathroom by replacing old existing bathroom tiles with new tiles and then painting them can be a tedious job. But if done carefully, the whole process will go smoothly and effectively, resulting in a beautiful bathroom. Not only will this save you the money it takes to hire a professional, but it will also leave you satisfied with doing housework at home.


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