Tuff Tiles Supplier in Lahore Pakistan

Japan Tuff Tile offers wide range of sizes, colors, and designs in tuff tiles with affordable price and other allied products, conforming to high quality standards of durability and aesthetic values.

We deal with all concrete materials, sands, gravel and curbstones.


Welcome to Japan Tiles and Builders, leading Tiles manufacturer in Pakistan.


Japan Tiles being a market leader and a productive innovator has been steadfast for a number of innovations in the Tile Industry. Some of the innovations we’ve pioneered over the last few years include; Tuff tiles, Industrial & High traffic (Pavement) Tiles, Kerb stones and Hollow blocks.

Japan Tiles is the leading industrial tiles, which has a few enhanced benefits as compared to other tiles as it can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy pedestrian and hard wheeled trolley traffic, oil or acids spillage etc. Also being Anti-skid in nature it ensures utmost safety of workers and also minimizes loss of productivity caused by accidents.

Since Japan Tiles are low on maintenance they are apt for the parking areas of Shopping Malls, Airports, Schools, and other high traffic areas. The high abrasion resistant quality of SNB Tiles ensures that the floors remain extra durable and enjoy long life.

  • New material Milano Grey Herringbone
  • Marble Mosaic Pattern Tiles
  • Floor tiles standard size


Concrete paving Blocks

  1. Section
  2. UNI Block
  3. Rectangle
  4. Octave
  5. Kerb Stones


  • 50 MM
  • 60 MM
  • 80 MM


We provide Tuff pavers throughout the country. Our products are customized and in accordance to your preference.

Our Mission

We are committed to bring industry leaders in concrete products, through customer satisfaction and maintaining a safe and cooperative environment for our clients.


It is our company policy to provide highest quality products in strict conformance to specifications. Customer satisfaction is our honour. Concrete design makes every endeavor to remain in touch with its customers till final installation of the product. Uncompromising attitude towards quality & excellence, has resulted tremendous faith in the company of innumerable customers throughout the country.


  • At Japan Tiles, high-quality products are provided and excellent services extended. In this way, planners and architects using our products can benefit from the know-how of our in-house Planning Department.

Piece to pieces

JapanTiles are available in various sizes, colors and shapes, including Angle Tiles for neat corners and steps. They come in double glazed, glossy glazed, rough grazed and unglazed finishes. They also have a built-in- grip at the rear to ensure firm grip/ adhesion on walls and floors as well as facades of buildings.

Piece of Art

Choosing a Japan Tile is no longer just a point of National pride but also a statement of a smart choice since it is the best there is—the most dependable, practical, beautiful and durable tile. It is all your needs wrapped into one solution. It is that one key piece in your puzzle that solves the entire problem.


Welcome to Japan Tiles

The company’s talent pool is over 100 people, including 500 people with technical and engineering skills and experience. In addition, the company is a large downstream employment generating with 500 on-site workers at various project locations.



Tuff-Tiles concrete paving blocks in Pakistan and markets these blocks. Major Investments in acquiring state of the art technology and an uncompromising attitude towards quality combine to offer products to international specifications. TUFF-PAVERS carry an unmatched reputation for utmost reliability under the most grueling traffic and weather conditions.


Pedestrian traffic on the hand and the most punishing compressive load unleashed by material handling equipment of Port traffic on the other. In between are innumerable petrol pumps for Shell, Caltex and Pakistan State Oil, Countless residential driveways, Miles of footpaths,, Commercial parking areas, bus bays, various Embassies and a host of Industrial roads.


In this construction system, structurally, each wall and slab behaves as a shear wall and a diaphragm respectively, reducing the vulnerability of disastrous damage to the structure/building, during the natural hazards. Due to the uniform distribution of reinforcement in both vertical and horizontal directions, We provide best services in town for building related works